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C. S. Walkingheart

Welcome!  Thank you for the honor of your visit. I and my friends of many tribes are experiencing a renaissance of art and culture, with the depicting of our traditions in various art forms. Art is for us more than an expression of self; it is the imparting of a breath of what is sacred, without necessarily revealing the complete mystery of what is holy. We are rising up in spirit to confront the enemies of depression and defeat which have oppressed us for so long; this art is one expression of our determination to Walk in Beauty once again with the rebirth of our arts and cultures.

Why I Paint...
I try to both live my life and pray as a Transparent Bone with emphasis on comfort/healing/direction for other Natives rather than on self-expression or attracting attention to myself. Most of commissions or donated work is the outcome of prayer on behalf of an (usually Native) individual. Paintings displayed in online portfolios have owners who will know who they are when they view the piece and it speaks to them (or to them on behalf of someone close to them)in a way which they personally are blessed. Blessings include the unseen (spirit) as well as the material, which is why the invisible color spectrum is also represented. We Native Peoples are very deep and private in the ways of our prayers and traditions and much of what occurs b/n us and the Creator remains unspoken in terms of written essays to be publicly viewed. The purpose of these paintings is to uplift the person for whom they are intended, whether the painting is a personal purchase or commissioned on behalf of another. There will be things in each piece which speak to the owner alone, as the message of that piece is for the owner alone and not even the artist knows the depths of what is b/n God and that person. What seems obvious even cliche to a non-Native person will have an entirely different meaning for a Native person, especially a Traditionalist.

Why do I paint? Because I can; this is something God has given me to earn my living but also to bless others, especially those who feel the Maker has overlooked or forgotten them. Meaningful occupation is a blessing in this age of meaningless and repetitive jobs.

"I am free forevermore;
I walked through that healing door
Into a brighter day--
I walk the Cedar Way..."

Chorus from "I Walk the Cedar Way," by C. S. Walkingheart, copyright 2000, All rights reserved.


Custom Orders
Paintings can be any size desired or in the form of a shield. Usually a digital mockup will be sent to the one commissioning the piece, to which the final piece, if approved, will be virtually identical._____________________________

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