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Madole Spurs

ďOur business continues due to the wonderful customer-friends we have made over the years.  We thank them for appreciating the time and effort that go into our custom work.Ē

About the Madoles
Bill grew up around the metal tools of his fatherís sheet metal business on the family farm in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  His father, Buck, made spurs for family and friends and helped Bill make a pair when he was in high school.  After graduating from college, Bill returned to help manage the farm and enjoyed designing and making art items as gifts for friends.

One day in 1987, a friend asked Bill to repair a spur for him.  Billís friend was so pleased with the result he asked if Bill would design and hand make a new pair.  Thus began Billís spur making career.  He recalled the methods his father had taught him years before, and he also researched the techniques of contemporary makers.

Sally joined Bill in the business in 1997, and they formed their company, Madole Spurs, to make spurs, belt buckles, saddle hardware and other gift items in steel and sterling silver.  Each piece of their work is made by hand.  While Bill and Sally both work at several stages of each project, they also enjoy different facets of the business.  For example, Bill especially enjoys engraving in the steel, while Sally prefers the silversmith work.  They participate in trade shows at various western events across the country where they sell their merchandise and take custom orders.  The Madoles are featured in Jody and Ned Martinís book Bits & Spurs, Motifs Techniques and Modern Makers.  Currently, they are advertising in Cowboys & Indians magazine. 

The Madoles mark their spurs in the heelband or under the button.  Belt buckles are marked on the back of the buckle.

Texas-style spurs, belt buckles, and saddle hardware, using steel, both browned and antique gray, with sterling silver overlays.  Each piece is made to the  specifications of the customer.
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Bill Madole is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

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