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Joseph FireCrow

You can teach someone how to play the flute, but you can't teach them how to make it sing. ~ Joseph FireCrow
FireCrow's First CD
Wind In My Mind

Cheyenne Nation - received a nomination for the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards in the category of Best Native American Music Album.
Cheyenne Nation

Legend of the Warrior - Winner of the 6th Annual Native American Music Award.
Legend of the Warrior

Red Beads - Joseph is delighted to be joined by his mother, Elva Stands in Timber. Flutist of the Year, 2006 
Ne-me'hota'tse (I Love you)

Jim Cockey's "Signature" - Includes Joseph's performance with the Billings Symphony Orchestra in a moving piece, "Parmly's Dream". The Native American music was co-authored by Joseph. Best Instrumental Recording.
Longing for Home

Face the Music - Released 3/31/2009
Eatin at Joe's
Cheyenne Nation - 2000
Red Beads - 2005
Face the Music - 2009
My musical journey began when I was young. Drums were a regular part of our lives. In the summer were the war dances, now called powwows. As kids, we would imitate the drummers on my mother’s galvanized washtub.

The very first time I heard the flute, I was a young boy living on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation located in Southeastern Montana. Grover Wolfvoice was the flute man playing this wonderful music. The music was beautiful to my ears, yet it scared me. There was much poverty and depression at that time. The sound of the flute touched my heart, where there was much pain and uncertainty. Through all of the hardships of reservation life, the beauty and wonder of our homeland beckoned to me.”
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